The Grigg Lewis staff supports the Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of our community members and to improve our community as a whole. We develop relationships with other foundations and community organizations to assist us in helping our non-profit agencies fulfill their missions through funding and research.

We evaluate local charitable programs and agencies,  and identify how the Foundation can help to improve their impact in the community. We perform follow-up reviews and strive to be more involved with local organizations. We initiate collaboration through the Lockport Family Focus Group and reduce duplication through networking. We help to increase community awareness of the services and agencies available locally, by promoting our nonprofit partners on social media and engaging in direct conversations with community members. We work with local agencies to help them identify resources that will further develop their leadership, organization and sustainability. We have dedicated staff to increase guidance to all local non-profits through our experience in grant making.

Our staff members are passionate about our community. We continue to search for ways to improve our impact. Our focus on Eastern Niagara County may be general, but it is important. By keeping our geographical focus local, we are able to keep the relationships with our agencies current and productive.

Chris Smith

Executive Director

Brooke Burrows

Policy and Program Manager

Carly Grimm

Communications and Engagement Specialist